Finding Amy! – Part 1

What do we know about Amy her situation? The crack in my wall isn’t visible to humans, that is a fact. Mom talked about Amy, but she doesn’t remember that she revealed her full name: “Amy Pond”. The Silence has done something to my mom. The other fact is that she has a beautiful paw, what makes her a member of the feline society. When a member of the feline society needs help then we felines should help without hesitation.

Photo2291The first task is going to be difficult, we have to find Amy! I searched every spot in my house (Even moved my seats). Couldn’t find her.  Where is she? I pretty certain that she isn’t on this Earth! Maybe in the past or maybe in the future. I have to find out but I cannot do it on my own. So I called my team of superheroes felines to paw me out!

Rupurrt will assemble a team of shadow warriors to go to some uncharted territories.  In his team we have:  The black Lotus, Salem The CatdogGrimm The black cat, Because Hugo & last but not least Vader.  I will drop them in an universe far far away.

Mr. Mooch & friends is taking his own team out of super heroes: The Furry gods of MischiefStubbs Mayor catBende van ZevenClark The Super Cat. I send them out to Stargate Control, they will go with the Stargate to search these planets.

Morton For mayor will take the ladies with him, like a real politician:  Sunshine The felineSophia Monroe The Persian Princess,  Miss Doly The Diva, LiL Bub.  The Tardis will fly them to the planets where the Doctor went.

Schermafbeelding 2014-08-16 om 22.32.25Then some other pawsome friends going to Middle-Earth, they are known as the Hobbit cats, the quest for them is find out where the one and only Amy is.

The Oreo CatRasmus MuzmuzR.D. The Black Feral, Frosty The Frozen KittenCaptain Henry MorganMister ZamboniTamy & Samy are going to Starfleet academy where they will get their own ship to find Amy.

Wilby, The space cat, is taking the lead with her own away team: Jagger & LindyNonnus, Miss Girlie,  The Taxi cat moms, Kidz at the KreekWiskaDa Fluffarooniez. They are going to toast some toasters, to get information out.

The doggies have also some superheroes who want to help out with this search party, they sniffed at the crack in my wall and they hope to follow the smell of the it: Sara The Teddybear will take the lead, Daily Dose of DouglasWolf, Odie De tijgerteckelMax The jackshundChloe , Jackie , Joey The Border Collie will follow her to the end of any universe they encounter.

The following rabbits are putting their ears at work: Puff,  Bun.

Then at last but not least, we have Tooga & HRH with their own Tardis, they will fly around to help me collect all the information gathered.

This will be the biggest search and Rescue party in the universes organized by animals, all to find Amy Pound, we will update you soon as the away teams will come back with their information!



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