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Fanmail Easter-Part 1

Serious Billy This week we got a lot of fanmail, so it’s time to thank the friends who where so kindly to send us a card or even a gift.

We will do this now on regular base on wednesday because we really appreciate your friendship
If you want to send a card to us, you can do this:
Billy De Pauw
Brusselsesteenweg 253
9050 Ledeberg

The First Card arrived was a package from friends from Germany: ” Tamy & Samy”, they put in some candy treats for mommy. Amy and me got some lovely treats! Thanks, we love you “Kisses”11073509_10153388487498676_9110918697555238499_o-2

The next lovely card we got from Linda Jablonski, Amy was so kind to take pose with the card. We love you Linda and wishing you a lovely Easter with a lot of chocolate 😉

A cat can’t have enough toys to play with, The mom from Angel Dot, Runty and Spot understand that. She send me a blue crab who installed itself on my head and a ball with peace. Isn’t that lovely. Thanks for all the pleasant gifts.
Dot and Family

The least card we had a bit longer but we forgot to post about it from Dayna and lovely Zoey. Sorry ladies, I forgot it’s me getting old and moms who is sometimes slow in remembering things. We love you both!
Zoey & Dayne

Thanks again friends for sending these cards.
Tomorrow we going further with our story about Easter. I know how it ended but that would be spoilers… be surprised my friends.
Mom and I opened an Etsy-shop, feel free to visit any time it,s called TCA-shop:
Schermafbeelding 2015-03-19 om 21.40.56

Let us know what you think about it,

Billy The Time Cat

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