Etsy Finds & Friends

11393006_10153579901653676_5276571949276402091_nThis week I already talked about Friendship. Friendship you can find in strange places. In my life I befriended all kind of strange creatures from a talking plant to a living stone.

Same for my mom, she has friends all around the world, although  I think she didn’t have a talking plant or living stone in her circle of friends. Some she never met but they are her friends.

When we started our little shop on Etsy it would be obvious that friendship would grow there.  This one started on the Etsy forums. A topic about a cat named “Sugar” who became a diabetic cat like me. Mom replied on the topic, you know mom and her weakness for diabetic cats. The lady send a message and that got it rolling. Friendship was born. Barbara and mom send messages to each other. Short and long messages. Now, Barbara was so pleased with the advice that she got from  mom  that she made a special pendant. It was a big surprise when it arrived and it brought my mom to tears.  It is so lovely. Who is in the pendant? Yes, me and my TARDIS.

IMG_0320The back is made in silver alloy, with a very nice finish touch. The back looks like an expanding universe.

We really appreciate the gift. Thanks Barbara and her fiancée for the work you done on this necklace. Now mom will always have me with her.

You can find Barbara and her fiancée shop on Etsy, it is called “Donia in Art”. You will find there a lot of beautiful necklaces. If you don’t find what you desire, then you certainly have to contact Barbara for a custom item.

You can find “Donia in Art” also on Facebook and they have their own website.

Barbara, thanks again for the lovely pendant and necklace.

The next time we talk about the bow tie Barbara send with the necklace. Something funny is with it but we reveal that later.


Billy The Time Cat




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