Eggsterminate – Part 1

Billy and TardisThe first sunny day of this year arrived. Me and my TARDIS were  sitting outside enjoying the first sunbeams. Taking it easy, like we like it. Suddenly the T-Phone ringed, instantly a shiver came down my spine. I got a bad feeling about this upcoming call.

  • Billy: Hello?
  • The Easter Bunny: “Hello, this is ‘The Easter Bunny’, is this ‘Billy The Time Cat’ I’m speaking with?
  • Billy: “Yes, it is”
  • The Easter Bunny: “We have to meet, in secret. Easter is in big big danger. Santa Paws told me I could trust you. We need your help.
  • Billy: “Meet me at The Secret Tree, I will be there”

My whiskers started to itch to find out what was going on. The mystery was to great and could not be ignored. I jumped into the TARDIS and went straight to The Secret Tree.  I arrived there in a blink of an eye and slowly left the TARDIS. My whiskery senses told me it was not a trap. I felt a presence next to me and there he was “The Easter Bunny”. He looked fatigue and old.

  • Billy & Easter BunnyE.B.: “Glad you are here. We have big problems, we can’t solve them ourselves.”
  • Billy: ” What is wrong?”
  • E.B.: “The chocolate eggs we are growing are turning into stones when we touch them. Every single one of them.”
  • I get my sonic screwdriver out and points it at EB: “I don’t see any strange readings, no viruses, no Cybermen or other alien involvement”
  • E.B.: ” We know our magical healers didn’t find anything. We can’t give stone eggs to the children, you have to help us”
  • Billy: “Yes, I understand, It has to be something on your Island or with the eggs. Allons-y! “

DSCN1929-2 We wanted to hop into the TARDIS when we were stopped in mid-air. A familiar sound  made me turn back. There they were, my moms foster fails better know as: “The Pesky Daleks”. They were shouting: “Eggsterminate – Eggsterminate” and surrounded us.

They were certainly planning something and I had a feeling it wasn’t good. After all it are Daleks.


What evil my mom foster fails have in mind , you have to find out in part 2!

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