Eggsterminate final part!

DSCN1916-3 How does it feel being stuck with two Easter bunnies in the 42nd dimension? You don’t want to know. It’s worse then a bad opera. Fortunate Rupurrt and Mr. Blackwell were there to keep them separated from each other. We don’t want a bunny fight.
We had a bigger problem, mom foster fails kicked us out of the TARDIS and left us here. I think they leave us here behind and are taking over the Earth at this moment. It’s time to find out what is going on with Easter.

The one thing that could do something like this is an “Wheeping Angel” but eggs are not capable to blink, so it has to be something different. It’s time to talk to Boo Boo and ask his opinion about it.
Billy: “Boo Boo, what do you think about the Eggsterminate situation?”
Boo Boo: “It’s really strange and feels like a “Wheeping Angel” is doing this but I don’t see any. It has to be something else”
My phone rings and I see it’s The Doctor on the line. One thing, you never refuse a phone call from The Doctor.
Billy: “Hello Doctor, What is up?”
The Doctor: “Billy, you told me you have your mom foster fails under control?”
Billy: “Yes, 99% of the time”
The Doctor: “That one procent is happening now.. your mom foster fails are attacking Easter Island. Did you gave them to much catnip?”
Billy: “Eh, no… What are they doing?”
The Doctor: “They are loading “The stone Easter Eggs” into your TARDIS, so I suppose you are not in The TARDIS?”
Billy: “Eh, no… Kind of occupied in an other dimension”
The Doctor: “What are you doing there? They ar gone now, I don’t know where they went but I hope you clean up your trouble makers” Hangs up. That was certainly not the kind of conversation I wanted.
Billy:”Ok, where were we Boo Boo?”
Boo Boo: ” The point where your TARDIS shows up…”
Billy: “Guys grab those little critters before they can leave us again”
The TARDIS door opens and they trow the stone eggs out, straight to us. Now that is the point where the light goes out. When we come back to our positive all the chocolate eggs are gone…
Billy: “Hello Doctor, can you go back to Easter Island and take a look if “The Chocolate Easter eggs” returned?”
The Doctor: “One moment Billy!”
Jumps into his TARDIS shouting “Allons-Y”
The Doctor: “Yes, they are back! Saw that your TARDIS just left. You are back in control?”
Billy: “Bye Doctor”
So the eggs are back to the places where they should be, we still don’t have a clue what caused it but someone should inform those two Easter bunnies!
Billy: “Hi, Easter Bunnies, while you were having you arguments we fixed a part of your problem. Easter Bunny number 42 you have your stone eggs back and my Easter bunny you have your chocolate eggs back… but don’t touch them! We still have no clue what caused it to swap places!”
Billy: “How do you get the eggs? Do you melt them and make them?”
Easter Bunnies: “No we have Easter chickens for that, they grow them while they sit on special seeds we got from special trees.”
Billy: “Can I see those Easter Chickens?”
Easter bunny 42: “Yes, you can”
We hop to the Easter Chicken section and we see the chickens sitting in a circle watching a statue of a chicken.
DSCN1982Billy: “How long is that statue here? Cats and bunnies don’t blink…”
Easter bunny 42: “It showed up a few weeks back and the chickens loved it so I put it in the center, sometimes I had the feeling it moved.
Easter Bunny: “Strange, it looks like the statue of the chicken we found a few weeks back”
Billy: “I think we found the answer to our egg problem. we have a Wheeping Chicken on our hands”
Boo Boo: “Wow, that is something not seen before.”
Billy: ” Boo Boo, We need mirrors ASAP”
Boo Boo: “I’m not a girl, I’m not wearing mirrors with me.”
Amy & Wilby: “We have”
Billy: “We have to put the mirrors around the Wheeping Chicken, but remember don’t blink!”
Rupurrt: “I will do it”
Mr. Blackwell: “I’m with you Rupurrt”
Amy: “Me will help also, I can use my new climbing tricks”.
The four of us climb on the chicken and put the mirrors around the Wheeping chicken that way we lock it in time. Now the problem here is solved we have to go back to our dimension and deal with the problem ther for that we need a TARDIS and some “foster fails” to show up.
We were waiting and waiting but still no TARDIS, I know that we were getting closer to Easter with the second but we were still in the 42nd dimension.
Suddenly a TARDIS showed up but it was not mine, it was The TARDIS from Tooga & HRH. They opened her door and demanded that we jumped in.
Tooga & HRH: “Your moms foster fails did really mess up with things. They brought The Chocolate Easter Eggs back and they started to exterminate them, they got high on the Chocolade smell and got overdosed. Fortunate we were around looking for eggs.”
Billy: “Bring us ASAP back to Easter Island. We have to stop the Wheeping Chicken”
Tooga & HRH: “The What?”
Billy: ” Explain later, allons-Y!”
Finally we arrived back in our dimension where we hurried ourself to the chicken department of the Easter Island. There it was an other Wheeping Chicken. Mirrors got placed freezing this one in time. Easter was safe.
What will I do with my Moms foster fails? They did misbehave but they helped?
What do you think I should do with them? Let me know in a comment…

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