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Crafty Weekend and give-away

Crafty Amy Mom was in a very crafty mood. She went to a craft convention in an other town. She bought paint, stamps, a light for the desk and a lot of cool, shiny papers to work with. That means a weekend of crafting would be ahead! Now when moms craft Amy always sit on the front row. Picking things with her tiny paws. Bite in things. Me on the other hand avoid the craft table, I don’t want any paint on my beautiful fur.
Paint is the most horrible thing my mom has in the house. It’s gets on anything, that it is why I stay away from the paint, my fur is beautiful black, I like it that way. Now, Amy challenged me to be creative. She helps mom like I told before so she challenged me to paint something. I was not going to paint her, that would be easy. You know just some black paint and I’m finished. I got some great advice from Vincent Van Gogh, a good friend of mine. He loves to paint flowers. He told me “always go for flowers, So I did! This is the result:DSCN3437
Now friends who look for a good investment, a painting that would be millions worth in a few years. You know where to buy it!

Then I challenged my mom to make a painting. She doesn’t paint much but with all the new stuff she bought it was time to take up the paint and brushes and show her talents. You never guess what she painted….
If you look for a very dangerous painting, possible worth something in the future but not as much as my painting that would be a good investment.
Mom challenged Amy but she told us she still was thinking about a “craft”, this morning she surprised us, with two painted crafts, first a Dalek (What do women have with Daleks?):
Card DalekSecond paw made by Amy… A TARDIS, that is a purfect choice from Amy. She did it nicely (The photo is not so good), It looks pawsome!TARDIS Card
Those two cards will be our send-away! Mom will put the finishing touch on them and we will send them away to two lucky blog-followers! You want one, please leave a reply in the comment section. Amy will make her choice! You have time until next Saturday, we will reveal the winners in our next “Crafty Sunday” article!

Don’t forget to visit our Etsy shop, where you can find more crafty things mom made!

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