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Crafty Sunday

Desk mom Friends, this is my mom desk! No, no bomb exploded and no, we the cats did not created this mess. It is my mom who is solely the creator of this chaos. No, alien invasion was needed, just my mom. Now, mom knows when she is crafty she is pure chaos. I have to admit that she promised us that she would clean up her mess. How? I don’t know. She found on the internet that if she cleaned up every day for 10 min her desk, it would shine and rise from under the clutter (I believe she called it de-clutter or something)
So I toke a photo as evidence and I post it here, if she tells me that her desk is cleaner after a week then we can compare. Now if she fails, I think we as cats needs compensation like treats, catnip and some new toys.
Mom is also very bad at time management, she is spending to much time on the laptop and on the iPad, special Pinterest. Mom found there something interesting it is called: “Bullet journal” I was first thinking that that journal was something you could shoot on with a gun when you don’t finish your tasks. Nope, wrong of me.
Bullet Journal
It is all about colors, graphics, dates, numbers and drawing. This one is for her Etsy social media stuff. We the cats are planning one for mom with when she has to feed us, when we want to play, how many times she has to clean the litter box. When we take naps and stuff like that. She is needing one for my blog… maybe she gets motivated when she can color and put numbers in a book about the blog. I still don’t understand how it will save time but according to my mom it will motivates her to do things. Oh well, will will see!
Today we had also some Christmas in July, mom made this for the shop with some new beads she found in The Netherlands, it is called a Christmas mandala and it has stripped beads in it.
Christmas Mandala

It was also our first sunny day and Fientje enjoyed the outside world. While I was lazy for the whole day!
Fientje outside

Next week we will do a new give-away, it is something that all cat-lovers will want! So watch our blog for this awesome give-away. The winners of our previous give-away got their item and you can read all about here (and the awesome button art from Miss Ellen)

Love you all my friends,
Billy The Time Cat

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