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Comet landing

Some of you may have noticed that I’m always sitting in the front row when something important is happening. It’s kind of a habit from me. Today another giant step for mankind was going to be achieved: “Comet Landing” on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. I grabbed my lunch (since mom was shopping) and flew with my TARDIS to comet 67P. I grabbed my lunch (since mom was shopping) and flew with my TARDIS to some friends. They are special friends for me and I didn’t want them to miss it out. The first was Boo Boo Moriarty  although he lives one day in the future he doesn’t know the answer to the question “Did ESA succeed or failed?”. That answer my friend is a spoiler and can only be answered when it happened. Also he is a well educated cat, with a lot of knowledge and eager to learn more, so I think this is really important to him. I took Mr. Morton with me because he needed to check out if they weren’t any Daleks in the surroundings, you can never be careful enough with Daleks, they screw up everything. Wilby The Space Cat was also present, with her knowledge of space she could foresee a lot of the dangers we could encounter. Mr. Mooch was again there, if something happening he could jump out of “The TARDIS” and on the comet  to fix things. You can never trust a “comet” there are gaps, debris and other things flying around that piece of rock, very dangerous. We could get stuck on it.  Since Rupurrt and Amy were missing again we needed a new security officer, fortunate Salem The Catdog was available and Miss Becky came along to help wherever there was an extra paw needed.

Allons-Y, turning left after to moon and get our noses pointed to 67P, with the TARDIS it became a smooth ride. We were there in time and started to scan the comet. Everything went smooth. Suddenly we got two bleeps on our life form scanner . What we discovered there was “unbelievable” No it were no Daleks, no Cyberman, no alien race… nothing like that! None of us could believe their eyes what we found. You want to know?

Yes, I will tell you: “Amy & Rupurrt were sitting on the comet with a blanket under them, a catniptini in one paw . They were having a ‘romantic picnic’! A date on the comet, right on top of the landing spot, only one could have that idea, yes Amy! That girl is such a trouble maker. So I had to fix things before history got messed up again. We dragged them both into the TARDIS, cleaned up the mess they made. OMC, all those paw prints that we had to remove. First we had time left, now we almost got short in time. We removed ourself from the landing spot. We saw the landing purrfect. It was amazing to see but still don’t understand why they landed it upside down. Oh well one day we will learn but for know we will call it ‘spoilers’

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