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Christmas party 2015- Part 1

Christmas 2015 Last year, I was sitting under an awesome Christmas Tree in my house. Mom decorated it with shiny toys, tinsels and tiny lights. This year, I’m missing something… a Christmas tree the shiny stuff, the tinsels and the tiny lights.
Fortunate I have my TARDIS, I have been decorating the past week with my tiny paws and I can tell you the result is “Fantastic”. I just need some party guests. If you want to join the party, you are welcome. The Theme is “A nightmare before Christmas”.
Mail us your Christmas photos:
No dress code! Just fun and stuff! Catnip and tuna will be served without limits.

We had a tiny warming up party with a few friends:
Silvertje had an argument (like every year) with Santa Paws. Santa told him he was a bad kitty. Sivertje told him he would scratch his eyes out if he wouldn’t get a present this year. I don’t know who was having the nightmare…
Amy, The Cat had nightmares about “The Snowmen”, I think she just got to much catnip and got knocked out. I don’t know but I defeated “The Snowmen” some centuries ago.
Me, my nightmare should be staying secret. My nightmare is all about Christmas, every year I have to save The Earth with Christmas. Invasion of Aliens, saving Santa Paws, Titanic that crashes,… all kind of stuff. A new nightmare I have is that all is black and something is shouting that “Darkness is coming”. It gives me the shivers!
I rather then have the nightmare of my friends “Sammy and Joanie”  from 15andmeowing they told me that there was an invisible force field around there favorite treats. Creepy dreams this Christmas,
I hope none of these dreams will come true. This year I want a relaxed Christmas with great parties ( I hope you all will be part of them). A simple request from a simple Time Cat.

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