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Christmas is coming! Part 2


Monday is back and that means another work week starts for our humans. We are lucky, we can enjoy our catnip and sleep all day.
This weekend I opened all the mail I got, little and big gifts from friends all over the universe. I love it! I want to share them with you, if you don’t mind.

My friends Tamy & Samy from Germany, send me a lovely gift package. Filled with toys and lovely treats for my tummy. Candy for my mom. (She loved them). Thanks my beautiful friends for the gifts, we love you.
Tamy & Samy 2015
The next gift package is from Hasting and his Brothers. Catnip filled cushions and treats. Mom had to get up at night to hide the envelop because we could smell the catnip. No, we are not addict, we just love the nip!
Hasting and brothers
My Friend Buhbee, The Cat didn’t forget me either. Thanks for the lovely card my friend:
Buhbee The Cat
The Family Moritz send me also a lovely Christmas Card, I hope you have a great Christmas at the rainbow bridge Piglet:
Piglet Moritz
Miss June Patry, from Canada, send me also a lovely card with snowmen:
June Patry 2015
More cards from Canada, this one has the flag of Canada in it. Zamboni and Boo, thank you fro the card.
Zamboni 2015
From the USA and from Miss Linda Jablonski Hassa, we got a lovely card with a lovely kitten on it:
That was all for this week, while posting my cards I got robbed from my own catnip cushions but the evil Silvertje, catnip addict:
Fientje took it from Silvertje:
Fientje Catnip

Now you have to excuse me, I have to get my catnip cushion back…


Billy The Time Cat

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