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Caturday is here!

img_3496 Caturday is here! Time for some adventure in mom new closet thing. I was hoping it would be bigger on the inside, unfortunate it was not. It doesn’t has any secret doorways, it is not a time portal. It is just an ordinary closet thing to hang on the wall. Very disappointed with it.

I should look and find myself a new adventure. I think the foster fails are taking a winter sleep. Santa Paws is still save, Christmas this year looks like very boring…

Silvertje was not certain that it was not a trap, so he checked the closet out in detail. His conclusion: “boring, non interesting, closet”. He pointed out that the doors are closed? What is hiding behind the doors? Should we open them or should we keep them closed?

what is behind the doors?

I decided to have some fun with Fientje, for Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop,… I will send this to her first mom telling her how a party animal Fientje was on her adoption day… Will she believe it or not?

This was fun to do, hope Fientje doesn’t mind that we did this (Yes, we didn’t tell her)


Don’t forget we are doing a give-away, collect all the tips and find an answer.the first tip is: there are 4 layers of beads.


Purs and love,

Billy The Time Cat


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