Catsterminate – part 1

We, The Cats, are going to war against those pesky Daleks. It’s time that we end this plaque of large flees.  We won’t explain, we will not elivate and certainly not obey! We are cats at war no dogs! We have to make plans. Big plans, purrfect plans, ruthless plans to the end.

Mr. Mooch, Morton, silvertje, Miss Wilby, Tooga, Rupurrt  are a part of my war council. We will make a plan A, a plan B and if all fails we can still “Run”.

We will win this fight for the sake of our tuna and the glory of  ” Our tail”. 

Plan A, it’s easy: We go back in time and go to Skaro and we stop the man who created the Daleks: “Davros”. If we can stop him creating those big pesky flees then we can take naps on our four paws.

Plan B, it’s complicated: we still thinking about it.

When plan A & B fails: Run is still the best option.

But before we go that far, we all have to take a big nap, continue our planning after the big nap. You think better when you have a nap and some tuna.

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