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Catnip Trade Route

Oh, the catnip! Centuries ago no cat ever heard about it. It’s a story I should tell you. How catnip got introduced to this planet? Well, where should I star” Egypt” . Let’s see I was once the head mouse hunter at the court of Pharao Cleopatra. Yes, hard to believe…but she was a fantastic Pharao. She loved the cats because we were protectors of the grain. How more mice you catched how higher you got in the ranking. One day I became champ: “I got more then 1000 mousses”, ok I cheated a bit with the help of the TARDIS, but that is how I became “Head Mouse Hunter”. I even got my own business card. I was really proud on this achievement.

The other cats didn’t find it funny because at my rate, there were no mice left (I didn’t kill them, just paralyzed them and set them out on a remote planet). They got bored, started to fight at some point we were losing our “worshippers” because no mice was left behind. Humans got tired about our fights … I had to change the tides for us kitties.

I had to find an alternative to replace the chasing fun we had. So looked around and I found a planet with some plants that were really “mind-blowing”. I really went high on that stuff.  I felt at peace man, this was needed to restore peace in the cat community. So I imported the nip on Earth. I introduced it to my fellow cat friends. Soon they really got addict to the nip. Egypt became a very important trade route for “Catnip” and it got introduced to all the cats around the world. I never regret that I did this, all hail to the catnip!

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