October = Halloween

party in The TARDIS Halloween, pumpkins, black cats, ghosts, candy and a very very scary movie. If you are not afraid I want to invite you for a Halloween Party in The TARDIS, you never know where we will end but I can tell you, it will be a great adventure.

We want to invite all our furry friends to this party. Send your Halloween photos to billy@timecat.agency

We hope to have you all on board (and you know what they say, what happens in the TARDIS, stays in the TARDIS)

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Head stuff Dear Furry Friends,
I bring you in deep sadness, the loss of a friend. He was noisy, scary, filled with fur and energy but the battle against the old age was lost. He went in silence but with a very strange smell. Mom is saddened by the loss, she will never find a replacement.  Mom decided there are no flowers needed or anything else. Just your sympathy and your grieve…


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Christmas party 2015- Part 1

Christmas 2015 Last year, I was sitting under an awesome Christmas Tree in my house. Mom decorated it with shiny toys, tinsels and tiny lights. This year, I’m missing something… a Christmas tree the shiny stuff, the tinsels and the tiny lights.
Fortunate I have my TARDIS, I have been decorating the past week with my tiny paws and I can tell you the result is “Fantastic”. I just need some party guests. If you want to join the party, you are welcome. The Theme is “A nightmare before Christmas”.
Mail us your Christmas photos: party@timecat.agency
No dress code! Just fun and stuff! Catnip and tuna will be served without limits.
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Halloween Party oktober 2015 – Part 3

Schermafbeelding 2014-10-29 om 10.59.22 I hope you all have a spooky Halloween weekend. It started good when my mom made pumpkin soup from all the pumpkins you all left in the TARDIS. Thanks everyone, You don’t know how much work I had to get them all out.. It was worse then “The Tribble- invasion” I had. Mom, was happy with them, pumpkin soup until the end of days will be served at my house.
Then we started watching the television. Mom and I always watch The Doctor but first she always watch “Strictly Dancing”. Oh boy, I think I saw Michael Jackson turning in his grave or is he in a fridge? Fortunate, The Doctor saved my life with an awesome episode. With all those awesomeness in my body I will start this party because “This is Halloween”
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Halloween Party 2015 – Part 2

12141494_10153947111573676_7134432181886257539_n Hello my friends and welcome to our second Halloween party of the year, 2015. Mom decided to put our Halloween decoration out to get the swing into the party. Clara, The Impossible Dalek decided to cook some stuff to try out for this week Halloween party and I must say: “We went berserk”. This resulted in some death Halloween decoration. Mom was not happy, I can tell you that. We decided to serve the “Catnip Pumpkin latté” this evening because it was so freaking awesome! Continue reading


Party In The TARDIS

Shout out to her awesome friends!

Shout out to her awesome friends!

Hello Friends, we have an update!

We are coming back with the “Parties in The TARDIS” Starting from October 2015, check out our calendar with all the information you need:
– What themes in what month
– Where to sent them to
So visit our party Calendar, here

If we are missing some information let us know!

Hope you all are ready for the first party “Halloween”

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Wibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey – Part 4

Photo1959 Finally we had our party! Mom was so upset friday about Cecil, so we could not have our party.
Yesterday we had our party but it was to late to post the photos. So today you can see the party peepers party like they never partied before!
Next Friday we have a new theme: “Exterminate”, so get yourself a Dalek or exterminate your toys… whatever you do have fun! Continue reading

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Wibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey – Part 3

DSCN2623 Ok, we had the strangest party in the universe. Planning a dressed up Wibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey went berserk when this fellow showed up… A Dinosaur. OMC, who forgot his dinosaur? Or where did it come from? I know I had a party once with dinosaur when they still were in charge on this planet. I’m pretty certain all left the TARDIS. If you recognize your dinosaur please come and collect him. I’m not planning to watch him, specially because he is eating all our catnip I bought for the party. If Silvertje notice that all the nip is gone he will not be happy and I know that that will be trouble with a big T.

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