Happy Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween 2016

Ghost Happy Halloween Everyone! I hope you had a fantastic day with a lot of trick and treats. Mom and I inserted a lazy Monday, Amy and Fientje found it a good day to start some arguments about Halloween. I hope they find the answer before next Halloween.

We had a great month with #JHC Halloween Challenge. The little ghost was fun and I still have to tell you a story about a certain planet.

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Back online

scary Back online, finally. We had some internet problems the past weekend in our building, they had to dig out the cables and stuff like that but they could do that only on monday… fortunate we could update Instagram and Facebook with mom phone but all the rest we were unable to do. We missed out a few challenges but we are going to do them later this week. Today’s word for the challenge is “scary”.

I don’t understand humans, they are watching those “scary” movies, with zombies, ghosts, big spiders, killer clowns and I think I forgot to mention ” A lot of the scary stuff” you see in these movies and then at night they are afraid to sleep.

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The Traveling Scarf

The Traveling scarf

Travel catYou ever heard about “Trout Towne”? No, well it is a  ver small towne with a pop ewe lay shun 5.

No burds a loud and they talk a kind of strange  but they are friendly and awesome.

My scarf traveled to their towne for some photo taking.

Did they do a great job? Yes, they did because they are thee awesome doods of ‘Trout Towne”

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Rare pose Sorry my friends, we were not here for the treats topic but I have a very good excuse!
The ghost and I decided to do a tasting off all the treats on the planet Earth. Cat treats for the record. I visited all the fabrics that made cat treats and collected all the tastes and variations I could find. Then we started the tasting. We smelled them, looked at them and tasted them. Were they crispy, was the flavor good, crunchy… you know like they do with wine tasting. Normally you spit it out but we decided to eat them. Not a good plan… the photo on the left is me after a gazillion of treats.. A treats hangover, we were in no state to do the blog and since my mom told me as long as the ghost is in the house she won’t do the blog, well nobody was left. Continue reading

Tricks with cables

Dashing boy Today mom was home (yes, love you mom). We had time to play and do some tricks, one of the tricks mom do is throwing with some dry food (our treats) and we have to run after it. Amy and I are always doing a contest. Who is first gets the treat, guess who is running the hardest and win most of the time? Right that is me! I’m not only handsome but also fast.
Amy told mom that she lets me win. I can’t believe that, I think she is such a slow lady.
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Who let the broom out?

Dashing boy Friday is here, weekend is knocking on the door and that means mom have to work. She has to go to work tomorrow but she is home Sunday. I went shopping because mom told me that she is home for Christmas and I wanted to surprise her with a new bowtie. What do you think about it. Do I look awesome or not?

I love how the red comes out on my black fur. Do you think my mom will like it or is it a bit to much bling bling?

Ladies let me know what you think!

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The face of Boe

GhostWhy do I start this blog with “The face of Boe”. Boo is a sound, it is the sound of scaring someone. It is the sound you want to make when you jump from behind something.

The Face of Boe, is something else or rather someone else. It is an old friend of mine. Friends of The Doctor will known who I’m talking about.  Boe is also dutch for “Boo”.

Are you still with me? So the face of boe is actually the face of “Boo” but that has nothing to do with Halloween.

The boo that has to do with Halloween is the boo that got my mom.

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The Night

YawningToday we are doing it slow, mom didn’t feel well and she had to work.
We hope you have a great lazy sunday. We are going to enjoy the sunbeams that shine in our house and I hope you all find a treat under your pillow where you sleep.

I want to share you a poem from my old friend “William Blake” who lived in London. I met him when I was with “The Doctor” investigating some alien invasion in London. It was a few ages ago, I don’t know if they already celebrated Halloween.



The Poem is called “The Night Poem” and I think it fits for today’s theme of #JHC’s Halloween Challenge

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