It is a….

Knot or bowtie? Today we are at part two of our 4CATS toy review, this time we go for something blue and big and it is not a TARDIS.

Billy:”Nope, it is a bowtie”
Mom: “Billy, it is a knot”
Billy: “It looks like a bowtie”
Mom: “It is a knot filled with catnip”
Billy: “I don’t care, I will use it as a bow tie because bowties are cool!”

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Where Cuddly dolphins swim in the sky

Billy and Amy catnip toysThe box has been opened and mom got the first catnip toy unpacked. 4Cats send us a selection of their toys to test them out. We got them for free but this review will tell only facts and no alternative facts.

4Cats is a firm based in Germany that specialize in quality catnip toys. They work with  real Valerian roots and catnip. Some toys have only only Valerian or catnip in them. Others have a combination of both. Continue reading

Friday Fun

Friday night, the feeling is right!

Amy all wrapped up! Mom got a big sheet of plastic and she put it on the floor to throw it away. Amy, Fientje, Silvertje and I decided that we had other plans with it:

“A new toy”

We had a lot of fun with it. Mom put some toys under it and we played with it all day. At night mom let it out, what was not a good plan, so she got out of bed to hide the plastic because we were making to much noise (at least we had fun)

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Love is a battlefield

clara & pink Love is a battlefield. Special when there is a Dalek and a Cybermen involved. Bridezilla and groomzilla. Today Clara and Mister Pink would get married, but it got a bit out of hand.

Clara wanted a white dress, she wanted the perfect soufflé and she wanted it to do all by herself. The dress was never white enough, the soufflé was to dry, to salt, to spicy and was never good . Clara become the real Bridezilla in all the Dalek way. I think she burned a thousand dresses and many more soufflé because they were not what she wanted. Mister Pink underwent it like a real gentlemen until his upgrade couldn’t handle it anymore… so he become the Groomzilla. To make a long story short… the wedding is canceled….  Continue reading

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To The VET

Not happy So upset with my mom. She tricked Fientje and me. She put (more pushing on my bum) us in our carriage and went to the vet with us.

Why? Fientje had a growth under her skin, close to her spine, so mom wanted to check it out what it was.
Me? Mom wanted the vet to check my teeth and she wanted the vet do some nails trimming.

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super bowl

Sunday bowl

Empty bowl Today there is a lot of talks about a bowl. Not a normal bowl but a super bowl. Honestly I wanted to know what all the talk was about. So I dressed myself up and I jumped into the bowl, to find out was was going on.

To get in, I had to do a lot. I offered catnip, toys, catniptini’s, tuna and even money those pesky humans didn’t let me in.

So I had to go to plan B….

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Friday Fun

Around the corner

Peeping Amy Weekend is around the corner and Amy is also around the corner. Mom was laughing with her when she was looking that way.  Still don’t know why.

Also there is chicken flue in the country, all chickens should stay inside… I’m just happy I’m not a chicken. Staying inside, all day, with the other chicks doesn’t sound like  something to look forward. Chickens are constantly gossiping  about the neighborhood, even when they eat they can’t stay silent. Maybe if I was a chicken I wouldn’t mind to gossip.

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Happy Chinese Meow Year

Lazy black cat Today me and my mom slept in. Then the paparazzi got awake and she hunted me down with her camera. Still two days to go to survive her stalking around.

Amy found an escape pod ( the elevator to grannies place) and she is save from the paparazzi. Unfortunate I don’t like elevators otherwise I would have also escaped to my grannie.

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