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Where Cuddly dolphins swim in the sky

Billy and Amy catnip toysThe box has been opened and mom got the first catnip toy unpacked. 4Cats send us a selection of their toys to test them out. We got them for free but this review will tell only facts and no alternative facts.

4Cats is a firm based in Germany that specialize in quality catnip toys. They work with  real Valerian roots and catnip. Some toys have only only Valerian or catnip in them. Others have a combination of both. Continue reading

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Sunny Sundays are coming!

Sunny beams Spring is coming. I can feel it in the air. Mom told me also that she can see it. She noticed that I’m behaving silly. Running after my own tail. Chasing Amy and Fientje. Playing around like a kitten.

Love those sunbeams on my black fur, they announce spring. They give me tremendous energy. You can call me a crazy and silly old boy… and you are right about that.

Looking so forward for more sunbeams coming my way. I hope everyone find them soon because they are awesome.

Enough talk about Sunbeams….

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To learn or not to learn, is that a question?

Owl BillyTo learn or not to learn? This is a question I have asked myself. Should I learn more about those pesky Daleks or should I just ignore them and hope they would go away. One morning I woke up and I was feeling like an owl. Owls are smart, smarter then you think. I have a lot of owl friends. Never go into an argument with owls, you cannot win. I felt so smart as an owl, so I decided to read a book and do a book review. If I would read a book I wanted a book that would learn me something new. So I decided to read a book The Doctor send me ages ago:  “The Dalek Handbook”.
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Friday Fun

Funny Friday

Clara & me Next week we have an important announcement. We will introduce you to Clara’s boyfriend. I can tell you that it took someone special to concur the heart of a Dalek. Now living with a Dalek who is in love that is another story. (I’m already missing my tuna soufflé.)

Also I finished my top secret meet with The Doctor, it was all about ” a cupboard”, now I will tell you more when I can until now “TOPSECRET”

Oh, Tomorrow we will do a giveaway! Watch our blog very closely! It has to do with the 4th of July.

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It’s Friday The 13Th and I love it!

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-13 om 22.11.05 Yes, it is back: “Friday The 13th”. It is my favorite day! As a black cat ( I have to admit, I have some white spots) it is always fun to run on the streets, special when you have some dirty tricks in your mind that scares people off! Now lets give you some very good tips to scare your humans to death!

Make certain that you have some replacement humans to open your cans when something very bad happens with them after our tricks! We are not responsible for anything that happens!
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Today, mom and I had a crafty Sunday. We made little things with our Hama beads. It is Saint Nicolas after all, and that good old man brought chocolate and cookies for my mom. For my he brought some cans of wet food. Amy didn’t get anything. She is on the naughty list. Fientje got also some canned food. Silvertje got a toy mouse. Continue reading

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Mickey & Rickey

DSCN3677Finally back from hunting turkeys. I had a blast, I went to a planet that had only turkeys as living creatures, I was there many years ago, so I went back. I lost track of time and space. They evolved, they have libraries and stuff like that. I could say I caught one but that would be a lie. The babies are so sweet. My return was a bit more stress. I forgot about Clara and the soufflé, she told you it was a surprise but the foster fails told me about it. So when I returned, she threw the soufflé at my head, so she didn’t lie that she threw away the soufflé. Continue reading

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It’s here!

DSCN3540 Our Princess is here! She arrived today. She has been put in quarantaine because it still possible that she is a Zygon, a Dalek or other evil alien in disguise. In the afternoon she escaped and started to wandering around. Amy an I hissed at her because she was befriending our human pets. Mom wants me to share my blog, page and instagram with Fientje. I said: “NO”. I rescued her but I’m not going to share food, toys, mom and my granny with her. She will have to find her own stuff. End of discussion! Now you can tell me all that I’am an old grumpy cat but I’m saying this because I can. I’m The Time Cat after all! Continue reading

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The Third Rock around The Sun!

DSCN2988Anyone told you about The Third Rock around The Sun? Well, with school starting it’s time that you learned something nobody told you about that Third Rock. Teachers are not aware of this issue! It’s one of the biggest secrets in the universe.

I think I told you that we time cats like to have fun with round things like normal cats. Now, planets are round and we like to play with them. It’s funny not to play with them.  Continue reading