Making yummy treats!

Good sunny Sunday my friends. It is hot here in Belgium, temperatures rising like crazy, no rain in the first day and it is the first time in ages that the farmers have problems to keep their crops hydrated. Us cats are lazy, spreading out in every liquid form we can. Mom was in the mood to make us a yummy surprise. Yes, she was crafty with meat!
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Sunday is not for working!

IMG_3573Hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday. We have a great time today. It was cloudy but that didn’t stop us for being lazy. Amy, Fientje and I slept almost the whole day.

Mom was crafty. She is organizing a big handmade market in our town. She is spending time finding shops that want to attend the market and she is making all kind of stuff for on the market.  Continue reading

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The Cat Trap

The Magic Cirle Mom knows magic. I didn’t know until recently. I discovered this by accident. Mom doesn’t know I know.

Mom loves to crochet and I guess you all already were aware about that. She bought a book about crochet a while back it is called crochet Mandala’s but actually it is a magical book.

It is designed to trap cats. Yes, it is Amy can’t resist it. She always put her butt onto mom mandala. It is a real cat trap.

It is funny to see Amy sitting on it and she doesn’t move, she stares at nothing (I hope, otherwise it is more creepy)

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Crafty Sunday

Christmas crafty Mom was crafty today. She is doing a craft show next month and it is for Christmas so she is trying out some ways to display her things. I wanted to help a paw and give suggestions but they certainly were not appreciated.

Also you see what cord holders mom has available.

Mom checked out her shop and she found out that she made mistakes in her shipping, special when people wanted to add a second item. The problem is fixed as they say.

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Sunday Rain

Hama Beads Ear buds Today was a real november day: “cold, raining and no sun”. Mom didn’t had to work, so she started to make some new things for our shop. It are Earphone cord holders. Made with Hama Beads. Next friday we will start a give-away, you can win one! So check back next Friday.

We helped a paw by jumping in between the boxes with beads. Mom used, some not nice words but we had a great time.  The floor was filled with colorful beads.

In the afternoon mom got us some fresh cooked chicken, granny gave it to her for a special treat. It was really yummy and we got tuna, double win!

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Tricks with cables

Dashing boy Today mom was home (yes, love you mom). We had time to play and do some tricks, one of the tricks mom do is throwing with some dry food (our treats) and we have to run after it. Amy and I are always doing a contest. Who is first gets the treat, guess who is running the hardest and win most of the time? Right that is me! I’m not only handsome but also fast.
Amy told mom that she lets me win. I can’t believe that, I think she is such a slow lady.
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My Silhouette is perfect

The Cat on my head

Today I had a lazy Sunday and mom and Amy had a crafty Sunday.  The Daleks continued to prepare the extermination of humanity and cats. Clara and Pinky boy had a walk in the forest.

And one of the  things I did today is joining the The Cat on My head Selfie blog hop. I’m not putting a cat on my head. No way, but I can try to take a selfie. It is a silhouette selfie and I find my silhouette is purfect. No belly fat, a six pack you could find under my fur but only mom can touch that six pack.

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Sunny crafty Weekend

Crafty birthday Yesterday, I little bird whispered in my ear that a fantastic person in the universe had her birthday! Clara, The Impossible Dalek made a strawberry soufflé and I made a crafty present. I dressed up like a real gentlemen and flew with the TARDIS to her home, unfortunate Miss Ellen was not home, she went to some cat stuff thing in a museum. We decided to eat the soufflé and I believe Phoebe said she would give her  the present… although she mentioned something about being her birthday month and that she would keep it, but I’m not certain about that.

When I returned mom was also gone, she went on a shopping spree to a craft shop…  guess how many yarn she brought back?

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