Candy Crush

DSCN0965Today I bring you a poem,
From the universe and beyond
It is about my candy crush
The one you should know about

Read very carefully
You might like what you read!

Tricks or Treats,

No candy Sweet,

The ones who taste like meat,

Tuna candy is the Treat

Just don’t forget I love my treats

Trick or treat,

No candy I will eat,

Just give me the mouse meat,

Mouse candy is all I need,

Just don’t forget a mouse is sweet,

Tricks or or Treat,

When the candy and I meet

Filled with catnip fleas

That candy is a trick to be

Just don’t forget I don’t like tricks


I hope you like my poem, and that this will my today, #JNW’s Halloween challengeJNW's Halloween challenge

From your poet of outer space,

Billy The Time Cat

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