About Billy


My name is Billy, I’m a Timecat. I became one after I got a blue box from my mom. I learned to fly my Tardis with bumps and fails. Traveling through time isn’t easy. You cannot change history because some events are fixed. Discovering it the hard way what can be done and what can not been done.

I travel the universe and go to galaxies far away. Saving human and other races.  Visit celebrities and other cats around the galaxy. Finding fun, safe, crazy or dangerous planets. Adventure await. I hope you will join.


  • Born:
    • December 23rd, Year: Unknown
  • You can contact me:
    • billy@timecat.agency
  • You can send mail to:
    • Billy De Pauw
    • Brusselsesteenweg 253
    • 9050 Ledeberg
    • Belgium