BC phones home!

10582898_709523702455906_1892653795109396058_oSomething  happened to Blue Chip, when we gathered information on the whereabouts to find Amy, he had his own adventure. Seems that Blue Chip sneaked on board of the TARDIS. Yes, he did! You couldn’t believe that, neither did me but he did! So while we did the search party he had his own hitchhiking into the universe. Such a handsome guy like him should have no problem to find a way in someones spaceship. Blue Chip hopped from planet to planet, flying luxury on big ships or taking it easy on some exotic planets. The adventure was exciting, sometimes boring but it was “FANTASTIC”. Until the moment he got stuck on the planet “Brodo Asogi”.  I think that planet doesn’t ring a bell in your mind. It’s the home planet from E.T.  Blue Chip doesn’t like E.T. he really doesn’t like it. He got stuck there and the next ship that planned to have a rendez-vous there was 3 months later.  He could not believe that he would be there for 3 months, no way.  Three months with those aliens, he would not survive it. So he tried to phone home. He build his own phone with stuff he found there.

The first call was to his mom, he didn’t get a connection. So he worked further on his phone, he then tried again but his mom ignored the call. At that point he got really desperate, seems his mom didn’t miss him.  Blue Chip was unaware that some travels in Earth time only take a few hours or minutes. Desperate to get back home, he started to dail all kind of numbers. He even got the President of the USA on the phone line but he didn’t understand him and put him on hold.

Then suddenly a miauw got on the phone, there was a lot of noise, like a party was going on….The conversation followed is… chattisch:

  • Blue Chip: ‘Hello, Who is there?”
  • Billy: “Hello, Who is there? Can’t understand you!”
  • Blue Chip: “Silence the music then you understand me!”
  • Billy: “Wait will stop the music, so I can hear you, one minut”
  • Blue Chip, tapping with his paw “Finally you are back, with Who am I speaking?”
  • Billy: “Dr. Who is not here, it’s Billy The Time Traveling Cat”
  • Blue Chip: “Billy, oh happy it’s you, can you rescue me? I’m stuck on this planet…
  • Billy: “How in the TARDIS name  do you get stuck on a planet? Please, enlighten me.”
  • Blue Chip: “Long story short, I sneaked in the TARDIS
  • Billy: “You sneaked in my TARDIS, I should keep you there. You are disturbing the party”
  • Blue Chip: ” If you help me, I will by tuna and chicken for all the kitties present. I will clean up after the party and do whatever you want… but get me out of here!”
  • Billy shouting: ” Friends, we have to rescue Blue Chip, Allons Y, then the party will continue within a few moments. We have a rescue mission to do!”

Blue Chip is still cleaning the TARDIS a week after his rescue and the end is still not near. You know  Blue Chip forgot one thing…Schermafbeelding 2014-09-12 om 20.17.51

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