wordless Wednesday


calling the vet from the vet… Yes, I survived it. I called the VET telling her that I could not come because I had to save The Earth from an alien invasion. Then I tried the universe trick but it didn’t work out. Mom warned the vet that I would try all that kind of tricks. Mom knows me better then I was aware.  Fientje didn’t escape either, so we went with two to the vet. At last minute I tried eye tricks and looking sweet to my mom but she was cruel. She didn’t even blink when she left us behind.

I lost a few teeth, can’t remind how many, I was asleep if you a wondering. Still didn’t smile in the mirror, so I still don’t know. Mom told me the vet told her that she took 2 out. I think she is lying. I still can eat my food that is the most important. I acted like a hungry panther when I saw my food dish. That can happen when they starve you for almost 24 hours.

billy not happy

Fientje got a liposuction or something like that. The vet told mom that she took away a cyste that was all fat. I think it was just an Adipose that she got out.  The vet put a bandage on but Fientje removed it faster then it was on. Mom and granny tried a shirt but she did bite mom and granny twice ( bloody mess). Then mom tried a bandage on but that failed also.

Fientje licked and pulled at the stitches so today mom went after some liquid bandage to put it on. I hope it works. Hope she doesn’t get an infection.


That is the update for today. Not really a wordless Wednesday.
Today it is also compliment day. The compliment I got from mom was:

“Billy, your breath doesn’t stink anymore” I just kept my mouth closed for further comments.

Toothless The Time Cat loves you all!


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