Back online

scary Back online, finally. We had some internet problems the past weekend in our building, they had to dig out the cables and stuff like that but they could do that only on monday… fortunate we could update Instagram and Facebook with mom phone but all the rest we were unable to do. We missed out a few challenges but we are going to do them later this week. Today’s word for the challenge is “scary”.

I don’t understand humans, they are watching those “scary” movies, with zombies, ghosts, big spiders, killer clowns and I think I forgot to mention ” A lot of the scary stuff” you see in these movies and then at night they are afraid to sleep.

 They think there are monsters under their bed or something is hiding in the closet. I once saw my mom, after watching such a movie, look under the bed, in the closet, behind the door and curtains and then she let the lights on… fortunate she got me to protect her.

I know, you wonder what a Time Cat is afraid off… well that is my darkest secret, one I will never reveal because you will laugh at me and use it against me!

JNW's Halloween challenge


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