Friday Fun

Around the corner

Peeping Amy Weekend is around the corner and Amy is also around the corner. Mom was laughing with her when she was looking that way.  Still don’t know why.

Also there is chicken flue in the country, all chickens should stay inside… I’m just happy I’m not a chicken. Staying inside, all day, with the other chicks doesn’t sound like  something to look forward. Chickens are constantly gossiping  about the neighborhood, even when they eat they can’t stay silent. Maybe if I was a chicken I wouldn’t mind to gossip.

Today I misbehaved but I think it is an alternate truth. I just had fun, by throwing a box on the floor and play with it.

Fun with boxes

Friday, it is time for those lovely fill-ins from 15andMeowing and McGuffy’s reader.

Friendly Fill-Ins
The fill-ins:
1. My middle name is ______________________.
2. ________________________ surprises

3. The Super Bowl ______________

4. My favourite sport is __________


So here are my fill-ins for this week:


1. My middle name is: I don’t have any. I think one name is enough, otherwise I have to listen to two names and I don’t like to listen. I used in the past sometimes alternate names like Freya, Bastet…
2. I don’t like surprises, I hate them. Surprises are like bad organized surprise birthday parties: You don’t want to be there when it happens.
3. The Super Bowl, I love the top secret kitty version, where there is a big bowl with tuna. The kitten that empties the bowl first is the winner of the super bowl
4. My favourite sport is napping but I do a lot of running, when my mom is preparing our food, when I chase Amy or Amy chases me. Running from Daleks is also on the run list. For my age I’m a very sportive boy.

This is all for today folks,

Love and purs

Billy The Time Cat



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