Banana Party

W3: Always take a banana to a party

DSCN1784Blue: “Hi guys,lets get our banana on the dance floor. Red can you push a bit to the left, White a bit to the left and yes, you yellow don’t take a nap, pull! Orange you are not fruit so you can push also” Let’s do it before the first guest arrive and we still have to learn our song to perfection.

Look there is our first guest, I hope none will ask about Billy and the Easter bunny, it’s hard to explain and us Daleks they won’t believe, so paws crossed (Do we have paws?) none will ask! Look there the first guest arrived!

Yellow: It’s Nora with her banana! She looks gorgeous in her black fur don’t you think blue? Blue where are you? What are you sniffing? No, you don’t smell from dragging the banana, take Nora’s coat and ask her for a dance, don’t be shy, you are a Dalek after all! Blue Nora is on Facebook you should become friends with her!


Orange: “Look Zamboni is there and I think he is planning to kill the you yellow. I hear him exterminate, exterminate that yellow Dalek or was it banana. He really looks Fierce! I should run while you still have your wheels! Zamboni is on Facebook

Zamboni banana 1

White: Look Blynken is here, a lot of ladies this night, it’s because we are here, what do you think, Red?
Red: “I think it’s not because of us they came! Rumor has it that a handsome cat is going to come and that he is celebrating his birthday, we can always exterminate him .


Red: “Blynken did bring her brother, so this party is getting more manly! Welcome, Nod. So tell me why do they call you “Cosmically Crazy cat community”? Blue what do you think that we change our name into: “Cosmically Crazy Dalek Community” That would be pawsome!


Red: Sachi just arrived with two banana’s and they are of the catnip kind! This will be the best nip party ever! Thank you Sachi!

Blue: “Chief Inspector Dusty arrived! Every Dalek on the party if he asks about Billy we don’t know where he is, one word wrong to him and I have to exterminate him! Understand?”
Chief Inspector Dusty
Yellow: “Guys, you want to here a joke! Chief Inspector Dusty his brother almost let his banana escape out a window! If he suspects something about Billy I have prove that they almost let escape prisoner zero! A photo of the attempt, yI have here ? Look, Cesar and Dusty you know if you ask about Billy they go on your Facebook page! Every cat in the universe will laugh with you!Cesar banana escape
Blue: OMC,who invited the dog? I hope she is not trained in finding bodies or we are in trouble”… ‘I mean in finding catnip, who said bodies? No bodies to find here Mia only catnip, move along…. yes we have some dog biscuits at the bar eat all what you can.
Red: “Blue, Nicky is there, I know what we can do we tell them it’s Billy, in the Dark with all these strange lights none of them will see the difference, he is black after all… so that will be the best solution, none will notice we have “a copy-cat”. Mia and Nicky have a Facebook page Nicky the copy cat
Yellow: “Where is that birthday animal everyone is talking about? Did we learn or song for nothing?” Look I think he arrived! It’s Silvertje, OMC, he will certainly ask!
Quick lets sing our birthday song for Silvertje maybe he will forget to ask…
Happy Extermination to you
Happy Extermination to you
Happy Extermination to you, dear Silver
Happy Extermination to you

From good blue to you
From Old yellow to you
From white with luck
And Orange wishes to

How old are you?

Now lets dance, eat some birthday cake and go all crazy on the dance floor! Whoot! Exterminate!!!!!

Next Saturday is another party… you are all invited! Send your photo’s to:

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