Banana Party

W2: Always take a banana to a party!

Taking my banana  with me!

Taking my banana with me!


The first week was a blast, I loved it. Dalek-Mom went just a bit to far in her task to guide the party in good lines. Whow, just happy that none of my friends got exterminated by Dalek-Mom. I don’t know how I could explain that to anyone!

Loaded the TARDIS full with Catniptini’s, bacons, fish fingers and custard! Put my bow tie on and I’m ready to party!

This party we have some special guests. Lets jump into the TARDIS on the song “Who let the dogs out” Have fun my friends!

Our first guest is Christy Paws, look how carefully she is with the banana. Banana’s are good for you, they won’t kill you. You can find Christy Paws on Facebook and on her own webblog
Christy Paws

Look who we have there! Rasmus Muzmuz with his banana! Doesn’t he look lovely but where is lovely Musse? I so wanted to dance with her! Find Rasmus on Facebook
Ramus Muzmuz

Did I just hear a bark? No it can’t be… yes, it is a dog coming this way and it’s Cookie The Undercover Dachshund,unfortunate he forgot the undercover part but he has a banana with him and already started to eat it! You can find Cookie at his Facebook Page
Cookie TUD

Look lovely Lady Bluebell is hiding her banana very well. Can you see it? I can, don’t forget to ask the ladies for a dance!
Lady Bluebelle

Kaito Gold Medal Napper is awake, seems like the only time he can stay awake is to party! He is certainly planning to kill the banana! Got it between his claws and dealing with the danger of the banana! If Kaito is not asleep you can find him at his Facebook page


My favorite kind of snowball is here! White, fluffy and warm. He got his banana with him, welcome him with a snowball fight, a mean a banana wave. I’m going to tell straight away that I’m working on his story for my book! Unofficial Snowball has an official Facebook page!
Unofficial Snowball

Oh look there is a crop of bananas walking around with a dog ( I know bad joke). Looks that the dogs had a call to join our party… Hello barking friend welcome, your big brother is already here! Buddy Buttercup have fun and thanks for the extra bananas!
Buddy buttercup

Tippi made it also to the party. He is here because he wants to learn some smooth moves for the dance floor and exercise his dancing skills. The reason: April 4th is his Birthday and that will be celebrated with a big party! Let dance’s Tippi! You can find them on there Facebook page called Ruger and Tippi’s Haven of Happiness (


Ruger is there, already was wondering where you were. Ladies, he is a real party animal (Rumors and gossip told me that.

Now that we are all here we can get on the dance floor and do some shaking banana moves! Catniptini’s are free. Snacks and treats are on the tables, Catnip will be served within a few minutes!

If you want your pet to show up in one of the banana parties, mail us a photo of your pet with a banana to:

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