Thankful Thursday

A thankful throwback Thursday

Billy his tongue escaped Today we are doing all kind of stuff: “Throwback”, “Thankful” and whatever we can think about.

First The Throwback. Here you see me sleeping while a pink snake tried to steal my tongue. Fortunate mom was in the area to prevent the stealing. ( As usually she first had to take a picture of  it, making me look silly again)

I can say that I’m thankful that my mom stopped the tongue stealing pink snake. After this accident I became friends with the pink snake and I let her play with my tongue once and a while.

 Something else I’m thankful for is that our Secret Paws arrived this week. After almost 2 months it arrived. We got some very nice stuff, mom got a cool mug (yes, she has a new favorite mug) and we got awesome toys and some awesome treats and wet food.

secret Paws

Two times we brought things to the right path: “A snake and A mailman”. How good are we?

Thankful Thursday

My Valentine date is my mom. I love her and she will always be mine with both of my hearts. I send granny out for a present for my mom. I hope mom will like it. I’m saving up kisses in a special box for her. (No, still not forgiving her the vet visit).

Fientje is looking for her prince on a white horse. I think she is watching to much the Disney Channel with that mouse guy.

Where are you????

Where are you????

Now it is them to get the poem out of I…

I wonder where you are
I wonder who you are
I see you day and night
I feel you close by
I think you are mine
I am loosing my mind
I see you in my sky
I hear you nearby
I think we should meet
I travel to the end of time
I feel we get closer by
I end the you and I
We are together now in the sky

Billy The Time Cat ©2017

Sammys poetry day

Thank you all for, you are fantastic friends, I love you all with both of my hearts,

Billy The Time Cat

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