Sunday is not for working!

IMG_3573Hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday. We have a great time today. It was cloudy but that didn’t stop us for being lazy. Amy, Fientje and I slept almost the whole day.

Mom was crafty. She is organizing a big handmade market in our town. She is spending time finding shops that want to attend the market and she is making all kind of stuff for on the market.  Continue reading

It is a….

Knot or bowtie? Today we are at part two of our 4CATS toy review, this time we go for something blue and big and it is not a TARDIS.

Billy:”Nope, it is a bowtie”
Mom: “Billy, it is a knot”
Billy: “It looks like a bowtie”
Mom: “It is a knot filled with catnip”
Billy: “I don’t care, I will use it as a bow tie because bowties are cool!”

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Schermafbeelding 2017-03-06 om 20.34.39

Where Cuddly dolphins swim in the sky

Billy and Amy catnip toysThe box has been opened and mom got the first catnip toy unpacked. 4Cats send us a selection of their toys to test them out. We got them for free but this review will tell only facts and no alternative facts.

4Cats is a firm based in Germany that specialize in quality catnip toys. They work with  real Valerian roots and catnip. Some toys have only only Valerian or catnip in them. Others have a combination of both. Continue reading

Friday Fun

The nip is in the house!

IMG_3466 Weekend is here and I had a serious chat with my mom about things that happened while I was at the vet sleeping…
Mom: “While you were sleeping a box arrived for you”
Billy: “Was it a blue box? Did it make a sound like someone forgot the breaks?”
Mom: “It is a brown box that stinks like smelly feet”
Billy: “Sounds interesting, now, where is my box?”
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wordless Wednesday


calling the vet from the vet… Yes, I survived it. I called the VET telling her that I could not come because I had to save The Earth from an alien invasion. Then I tried the universe trick but it didn’t work out. Mom warned the vet that I would try all that kind of tricks. Mom knows me better then I was aware.  Fientje didn’t escape either, so we went with two to the vet. At last minute I tried eye tricks and looking sweet to my mom but she was cruel. She didn’t even blink when she left us behind.

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Friday Fun

Friday night, the feeling is right!

Amy all wrapped up! Mom got a big sheet of plastic and she put it on the floor to throw it away. Amy, Fientje, Silvertje and I decided that we had other plans with it:

“A new toy”

We had a lot of fun with it. Mom put some toys under it and we played with it all day. At night mom let it out, what was not a good plan, so she got out of bed to hide the plastic because we were making to much noise (at least we had fun)

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Schermafbeelding 2016-06-12 om 00.59.27

Sunny Sundays are coming!

Sunny beams Spring is coming. I can feel it in the air. Mom told me also that she can see it. She noticed that I’m behaving silly. Running after my own tail. Chasing Amy and Fientje. Playing around like a kitten.

Love those sunbeams on my black fur, they announce spring. They give me tremendous energy. You can call me a crazy and silly old boy… and you are right about that.

Looking so forward for more sunbeams coming my way. I hope everyone find them soon because they are awesome.

Enough talk about Sunbeams….

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